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TourCMS by numbers

These charts show the last 2 years and are updated daily

The numbers are percentages of the highest booking month.... maybe at some stage we will use real numbers! This chart shows that bookings continue to grow month on month.

An agent trade sale is one where the travel agent is responsible for paying the balance. Affiliate sales are recorded in TourCMS where commission is due but the customer pays the balance. The Direct (PPC) line is where a travel agent is set on a booking, the customer is paying the balance and no commission is due (normally used for tracking advertising such as PPC)

The alternative channel (vs booked online) is staff entered bookings (e.g. typed in to TourCMS probably after receipt of a fax, email or phone call, or perhaps from a walk in to a visitor centre).

% of bookings in TourCMS by registration country of the travel company using TourCMS (i.e. not where their clients come from!). This chart shows that over time TourCMS is becoming more and more global and less reliant on the UK.

TourCMS has a mixture of high passenger volume day tour operators as well as lower passenger volume multi-day operators. The system tends to be used in very different ways between those two styles of tour company. We do have some over 28 day trips (expeditions mainly) but they are not included in this analysis.

Average trip duration (days) (X) vs Leadtime (days) (Y)
Leadtime is number of days between date booked and travel start date

The shorter the duration of the trip, the shorter the leadtime between booking date and travel date. This leads to the probable conclusion that website partners / travel agents selling multi-day tours have to be at a different point in the consumers' travel research phase than those selling day tours.

Lets zoom into day tours and look at their lead time specifically.....

Average leadtime (days) (X) vs Number of companies (Y)

TourCMS Marketplace statistics

Product types

Data exclude bookings from TourCMS travel company customers that are no longer active - and travel quotes that were not taken up by consumer customers. Not all TourCMS tour operators are active in the TourCMS Marketplace...