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Take online bookings and enquiries

Getting direct bookings and selling to your customer on your own website is crucial. TourCMS wants to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. In general you can make use of three principal ways to use TourCMS to get more online bookings:

  • 1Plug and play with booking widgets
  • 2Use WordPress with our powerful plugin & theme
  • 3Build it: Custom API powered website

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1. Booking widgets

Introducing the all new TourCMS booking engine

Sell online within minutes

TourCMS allows you to quickly and easily add online booking functionality to your existing website (or a new website built using TourCMS's API).

Any of the tours and other travel products that TourCMS supports can be made available to book on your website just by ticking a box and adding a link. As the online booking engine uses live availability information you can be safe in the knowledge that slots or rooms will be allocated correctly, with tours switching to "Call for availability" or "Full" based on capacity limits that you configure.

Showcase Widget ... or as Stand-alone

2. WordPress Plugin & Theme

Manage your own wordpress site, fully powered by TourCMS data

Stay in control of your online presence

Take control of your own website and power your own WordPress page with your TourCMS data. To get you started we offer you both the plugin as well as a theme (with multiple configuration options) as standard with any TourCMS subscription, completely free of charge.

TourCMS Wordpress Demo

3. Custom API Website

Create your own website, powered by our feature rich API

TourCMS API can be used to access live product, booking and customer data in realtime. The API can be used by TourCMS Marketplace agents to access content from multiple TourCMS Tour Operators, or individual Operators to access their own data.

Want to integrate your TourCMS data with a CMS other than WordPress / no CMS at all? Our powerful API is RESTful and XML based, with a multitude of available endpoints. We have client libraries and wrappers in the following: Angular, .NET, Java, NodeJS, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby. You could choose to build your own product pages that link to our plug & play TourCMS Booking Engine, or you could build an entire website from scratch: from tour search, show tour, dates & deals calendar, tour gallery, location targeting, upselling, analytics dashboard, CRM system, to an entire shopping cart and checkout flow with 3DS card processing and E-Commerce tracking. You can even manage your data externally from TourCMS and use our API to sync it. The possibilities are vast.

Use of the TourCMS API is free for Marketplace Agents and available to any paying Operator account.

Configuration rich, sensible defaults

In addition to control of the visual design of the TourCMS booking engine you can configure the text at each step, add your own guidance notes or disclaimers. Choose whether to take just basic contact details at the time of booking, or request more information like dates of birth, passport details, dietary requirements, emergency contacts and your own custom passenger or booking fields (meal choice, vegetarian, pick up location, etc) saving on admin time post booking.

While the booking engine has all of these options; like most other parts of TourCMS everything is already configured with "sensible defaults" to allow you get up and running as quickly as possible - just tweak anything that isn't quite to your liking.

The booking engine is hosted on TourCMS infrastructure (meaning you don't have to buy expensive, secure, hosting or an SSL certificate). You can hide the TourCMS website address (URL) using an IFRAME.

The TourCMS booking engine supports 22+ languages (further details)

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