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What is TourCMS? 10 key features

Maintain just one customer and booking database
  • Single source for product availability ensuring you don't overbook when selling via multiple channels
  • Link repeat customers with multiple bookings
  • Customer payments sales ledger
Manage content on your website Track and report on your marketing
  • Track PPC advertising such as Google Adwords
  • Manage travel agents including balances (sales ledger) and commissions
  • Provide an off the shelf agent login system via the TourCMS Marketplace
Create new marketing opportunities for you to promote your products Take credit card payments
  • Incorporate credit card payments into your booking engine
  • Save card details & bill later or send emails to customers requesting payment
  • Operate within payment card industry security standards by using PCI DSS compliant payment gateways
Produce templated documentation and emails Multi-language support
  • Maintain content such as product descriptions and email templates in multiple languages
  • Sell in one language and send booking information to suppliers in another
  • 22 languages supported
Support complex commercial setups
  • Create a single website pulling products from multiple TourCMS accounts (ideal for CVB / DMO websites)
  • Support multiple channels (brands) within a single TourCMS account
  • Configure multiple product types (activities, villas, itinerary based tours, hotels, tailor made) so you can, with confidence, group a few like minded companies together all on the same system
Active customer community Affordable
  • Prices based on your company size (not % of revenue or a per transaction fee)
  • Use your own web designer - no need to pay us any professional services
  • Web based - no need for any capital expenditure for servers etc

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