TourCMS, a leading online booking and channel management solution is operated by Palisis.

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Manage your business with one holistic and globally connected solution.

Since 2003, TourCMS has provided the industry-leading booking, enquiry, distribution, and customer relationship management solution for Tours & Activities. All out-of-the-box, web-based and affordable.

  • Easy online booking for your customers
  • Automated local distribution for your in-destination agents
  • Real-time connection to global distribution partners (OTAs)
  • Adaptive channel management solution
  • Public, open API (Upstream and downstream)
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Online Bookings

Offer your customers a great booking experience online

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Award winning

Connected Distribution

Expand your sales reach by using the Marketplace

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Powerful & Flexible

Booking Management

Take control and actively manage your bookings

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Reliable & Secure

Payment Solutions

Take the hassle out of payments with Marketpay

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Customer Testimonials (Paris City Vision)

"TourCMS has been key in delivering a quality service to our major distributors around the world, for real time availability and booking. The connectivity provided is a real booster for our business.”

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What is TourCMS? 10 key features


Maintain just one customer and booking database

  • Single source for product availability ensuring you don't overbook when selling via multiple channels
  • Link repeat customers with multiple bookings
  • Customer payments sales ledger

Manage content on your website


Track and report on your marketing

  • Track PPC advertising such as Google Adwords
  • Manage travel agents including balances (sales ledger) and commissions
  • Provide an off the shelf agent login system via the TourCMS Marketplace

Create new marketing opportunities for you to promote your products


Take secure and protected credit card payments

  • Incorporate credit card payments into your booking engine
  • Save card details & bill later or send emails to customers requesting payment
  • Operate within payment card industry security standards by using PCI DSS compliant payment gateways

Produce templated documentation and emails


Multi-language support

  • Maintain content such as product descriptions and email templates in multiple languages
  • Sell in one language and send booking information to suppliers in another
  • 22 languages supported

Support complex commercial setups

  • Create a single website pulling products from multiple TourCMS accounts (ideal for CVB / DMO websites)
  • Support multiple channels (brands) within a single TourCMS account
  • Configure multiple product types (activities, villas, itinerary based tours, hotels, tailor made) so you can, with confidence, group a few like minded companies together all on the same system

Industry leading connectivity

  • Make use of the state of the art connectivity TourCMS has built over the years
  • Connect your own res system if needed

Integrated with Palisis

  • Automate your operational process from booking to boarding, using the integration with the Palisis ticketing solution
  • Make use of check-in and walk-up customer sales terminals with automated upsell functionality
  • Place unattended terminals in shops or outdoors to maximize your sales reach and efficiency

TourCMS Features in more depth


Approaches to work with multiple suppliers.

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Supported products

List of supported travel products.

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Web design

The web design capabilities of TourCMS.

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Mail merge & Invoices

Personalize you customer communications.

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Enquiry handling

Track individual requests from customers.

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Control and keep track of your finances.

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