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Affiliate marketing with TourCMS

Affiliate marketing is where you create a wide team of individuals, partners, agents and others to promote your product. Ideas for affilates include the local hotel who is near where you run your tours, a trip planning guide etc


  • Add a TourCMS booking engine to your website (so that the tracking will work)
  • Turn on your TourCMS Marketplace listing (including adding company details, product images, descriptions, dates, prices etc)
  • In Configuration & Setup, Agents section, set up a DEFAULT agent/affiliate commission scheme (otherwise all new agent records will be created with no commission scheme set and you will have to go through manually all your agent records assigning correct commission settings)
  • You may also wish to put a TourCMS Marketplace agent/affiliate login on your own website (so they login via you) but this is not mandatory. See instructions (2nd example down)
  • Every time someone approaches you to market your products, ask them to sign up as an affiliate via your website!
  • Add a page on your website with a prominent link called Affiliates. People who know about affiliate marketing will find it. On that page explain what kind of products you have, your average commission and place the sign up form there.


Setup each affiliate to have commission, as per these agent commission setup instructions

Trade agents where they collect the balance from the customer and you invoice the agents can also use the same functionality.