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These API calls are to access your live product, booking and customer data in realtime. They can be used by TourCMS Marketplace agents to access content from multiple TourCMS accounts. These APIs can also be used by individual account owners to access their own data.

Use of the TourCMS API is free, for more info view the Marketplace overview or sign up for a free agent account.

Common use cases

For integration with a travel guide use the Tour Search method to return tours (by keyword, location, comfort level, distance to a point etc). All results include an image, lat/long, summary, short description etc and tracked links for sending the customer through to the operators website for conversion. Or for a less technical solution, see our JavaScript Widgets.

For an agent creating a lead system you could have the customer fill in a form with their details which you can then send to the operator via the Create Enquiry method. This creates a tracked customer record so that any subsequent bookings are correctly credited.

For an agent creating a booking system use the Tour show method to return the main tour information. Then use the Creating Bookings methods to put bookings into the supplier direct TourCMS accounts. You may collect payments outside of the system (and the supplier will subsequently invoice you).

For a tour operator looking to build a post booking, pre-travel customer login: You can send the customer their login details using email templates (perhaps in their confirmation email). On your website you can validate their username/password using the Customer Login Search method and then allow them to answer some additional questions / submit more information to "Extra tour booking data" using the Show Booking and Update Booking methods or update their contact details with Update Customer.

Full API Method List



  • List Channels

    List all connected channels (tour/activity/accommodation operators). This method can only be called by Marketplace Agents.

  • Show Channel

    Show information on a particular channel (i.e. tour/activity/accommodation company information).

  • List Channel Performance

    For Marketplace Agents only. List the performance (clicks, commission earnt, enquries made etc) of top 50 connected channels by clicks (or check performance for a specific channel).

Tours - General Use

  • Search Tours

    Search Tours by keyword, distance, month, distance from a geographic point etc - or just list all. Use this call if you are building a page which lists products or if you are building a search page. Also can be used for searching (and listing) special offers.

  • Show Tour

    Show information on a particular Tour.

  • List Tour Locations

    List primary locations (and associated countries), could be useful for building a dropdown / autocomplete search.

  • List Product Filters

    Product Filters are used to group related tours, this API returns a list of them and the tours they contain. For tour operator use only, not accessible by Marketplace Agents.

  • Show Tour Dates & Deals

    Show all some/all dates, prices and special offers for a particular Tour.

  • Update Tour

    Update details of a particular Tour. Currently supports a subset of all fields.

  • Search Hotels by specific availability

    Special version of the "Search Tours" method, tailored specifically for searching room availability of products loaded using Hotel pricing.

  • Managing dates and prices externally of TourCMS

    For use by Tour Operators only (not Marketplace Agents), various API methods to enable managing of Tour dates & prices externally of TourCMS.

Tours - Bulk exporting use

You are welcome to use these methods directly, however they are probably most useful if you are taking a regular export of TourCMS data to import into your own database. Combine with the "Show Tour" method above to get full product details.

  • List Tours

    List all Tours from a particular channel (supplier).

  • List Tour Images

    List image URLs for all Tours from a particular channel (supplier). Useful if you are mirroring product images to your own server.

  • Show Tour Departures

    Show all the dates and prices for a particular Tour that are generated by Departures. Shows a little more detail on each date than "Dates & Deals" but doesn't include freesale season or hotel priced dates.



  • Record a payment / refund

    For use by Tour Operators only (not Marketplace Agents). Log details of a payment onto the sales ledger of a booking, reducing the outstanding balance.

  • Create a Spreedly payment

    For those using Spreedly as a gateway, this special method charges a Spreedly payment method and on success commits the associated booking and stores details of the payment in TourCMS alongside.

  • Payments list

    List of payments made during a period.


Customers & Enquiries

  • Create Customer/Enquiry

    Send a new enquiry (e.g. "Contact us", General quote request, "Brochure request" etc) to a Channel. Customer record will be associated with the correct Marketplace Agent and subsequent bookings on that customer record will be tracked.

  • Search Enquiries

    Get a list of Enquiries sent to all connected Channels / a specific Channel.

  • Show Enquiry

    View details on a particular Enquiry.

  • Show Customer

    View details on a particular Customer.

  • Update Customer

    Update contact or other details on an existing customer.

  • Customer Login Search

    For use by Tour Operators only (not Marketplace Agents). Check supplied customer username/password, useful for building a customer login area.

Agents (Tour Operator use only)

Internal Suppliers (Tour Operator use only)

Staff Members (Tour Operator use only)

Pickup Points (Tour Operator use only)

  • Create Pickup

    Create a new pickup point in the account connected to the channel requested.

  • Delete Pickup

    Delete an existing pickup point in the account connected to the channel requested.

  • Update Pickup

    Update an existing pickup point in the account connected to the channel requested.

  • List Pickups

    List of existing pickup points in the account connected to the channel requested.

  • Managing pickup points

    For use by Tour Operators only (not Marketplace Agents), various API methods to enable managing of pickup points.