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Website integration

TourCMS contains a selection of tools that you can use to power your website, you are free to use just the parts you need:

Enable online bookings Quick & Easy

The TourCMS Booking Engine can be easily added to any website. Each Tour/Hotel that you load into TourCMS and enable for online booking will have a unique link which you can add to your existing product pages to let your customers book that item. Bookings will be made against Live availability, your customers can receive confirmation emails, payment requests, pre-trip / post trip emails etc - all configured by you from within your TourCMS account.

Add “contact us” / brochure request forms Fairly Easy

These can come into TourCMS as Enquiries, it's now easier than ever to add Enquiry forms to your website - learn how.

Add staff login / affiliate signup forms Fairly Easy

If you are listing products & services in the TourCMS Marketplace you might want to provide affiliate sign up forms on your website, this way you can detail the benefits of signing up as an affilaite for your products and get them to sign up then and there on your own page rather than sending them to tourcms.com. You can also add staff/affiliate log in forms.

These forms can be added to more or less any website, alternatively you can just direct staff / affiliates to the appropriate page on tourcms.com.

Build product (and other) pages
or entire websitesA little more complex

If you want to take your integration a step further, you can use TourCMS to power your product description pages or even your entire website. Building a website using a new techology is a more involved project than just adding the booking engine links, so if you already have an existing website this could be something you consider as a second phase of your TourCMS integration.

Learn the pros and cons of each of these approaches (recommended reading)

Not sure which to use? Read our web design & development overview or drop us a message.

We also maintain a list of external agencies who can help you with TourCMS.