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Website integration

TourCMS contains a selection of tools that you can use to power your website, you are free to use just the parts you need:

Build tour pages or full websites

  • TourCMS Plugin for WordPress

    Pull your product descriptions & images into the popular WordPress CMS

  • TourCMS API

    One for the developers, access the REST based API of live product descriptions and prices

Take online bookings

Already have a website and just want to add online booking functionality? TourCMS has you covered. Bookings in TourCMS will be made against Live availability (either with TourCMS or your own subsystem taken as the source of truth for availability), your customers can receive confirmation emails, payment requests, pre-trip / post trip emails etc - all configured by you from within your TourCMS account.

  • TourCMS Booking Engine

    Each tour that you load into TourCMS and enable for online booking will have a unique link which you can add to your existing product pages to let your customers book that item.

  • TourCMS API

    If you would like more control over the booking interface our powerful API can be used to create bookings

Add contact us / quote request forms

  • Enquiry Forms

    These can come into TourCMS as Enquiries, it's now easier than ever to add Enquiry forms to your website.

Not sure which to use? Contact our support team and we can discuss your options.