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Tour Operator plugin for WordPress


About TourCMS

TourCMS provides a secure, reliable Online Booking & full Reservation System for Tour Operators, Activity Operators and Travel Agents. In addition to online and staff made bookings and enquiries TourCMS enables supplier and agent management, documentation, customer relationship management and comprehensive reporting. You can sell products in multiple currencies plus an increasing number of languages.

About the WordPress Plugin

The plugin provides a way to easily pull product descriptions, images and prices out of TourCMS and into the WordPress environment in a way that WordPress designers and developers should find familiar.

While it is possible (and often faster!) to add TourCMS booking/enquiry functionality to your WordPress-powered website without using this plugin, it does offer some advantages:


  • Manage descriptions and images in one place (TourCMS), have changes visible automatically on your website (particularly beneficial if you have lots of Tours and/or are looking to distribute via the TourCMS Marketplace)
  • Works with WordPress Multi-site, pull different languages / descriptions / brands from TourCMS on each site
  • Display tour locations on Google Maps and month by month availability via included Widgets
  • Designed for WordPress 3.0 and above - supports the latest features


Keep it simple, just add booking links

Each TourCMS account includes the TourCMS Booking Engine which makes it easy to add online booking capability to any website, regardless of CMS used. Essentially each product that you load in to TourCMS can have a unique "Book now" link which you could add to your existing WordPress powered product pages, there is no need to use the plugin.

Some TourCMS customers with existing websites chose to start with a simple solution to get up and running, ramping up to a deeper integration for their next season. Do feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

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