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API live data examples

Simple list of all Tours/Hotels/Activities (or all from a single channel)

  • Simple example using a single API call
  • List all product from all channels you are connected to (or a specifc channel)



Display a list of Tours/Hotels/Activities near a location

  • Great for destination marketing, or for accommodation owners looking to list things to do nearby a property
  • Uses the Tour Search method to search multiple TourCMS accounts at once


Live example   Get the code   

Same data as above, displayed via Google Maps

  • Demonstrates the same API data as the above but displayed in a totally different way using Google Maps

Build it yourself today with the Marketplace API Tour Search method

Full source code available soon, contact us for an early copy

Live example   

Display product pricing and availability over the next 12 months

A great way of letting customers see what's available when and the cheapest time of year to visit.

Uses the Search Tours API to list Tours/Hotels alongside their availability for the next 12 months with a lead in ("from") price for each month.


Live example   Get the code   

Live website -

A fully bookable website powered by the TourCMS API. Featuring tours, activities and transfers from multiple accounts:

  • Search, filter, view and book of tours all via the TourCMS API
  • Uses latest TourCMS features including advanced hotel pickups, promo codes, videos and big images
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The examples feature real data and contain a subset of the tours / products available via TourCMS