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Mail merge & Invoices

Sample uses

  • Letters or emails to customers
  • Letters or emails to suppliers
  • Envelopes
  • Invoices & receipts
  • Pre-travel information packs
  • Quotation responses, including tailor-made tour quotations
  • Accommodation vouchers

Browse over 14 sample templates in the documentation library

How it works

We use a set of tokens - for example %b_id% for booking ID - that can be used in emails and word processor documents. Wherever TourCMS finds a token in a template, it will be replaced with data from the booking itself.

You create a template (in a conventional word processor such as Microsoft Word) and these templates are uploaded in RTF (Rich Text Format). Templates may have graphics, colours and images. You can print out the documents on your own headed paper, if you wish.

Along with booking information, tour content can also be pulled into the templates. This enables the documents such as tour specific pre-departure information packs to be produced.


In this simple example a confirmation email is generated by using the following template...

Dear %primary_contact_name%,

Thank you for your booking for the %t_name_web% tour starting on %start_date_display%.

Kind regards

...which gets converted to...

Dear Mr John Smith,

Thank you for your booking for the Grand Spanish Adventure tour starting on 1 Jul 2011.

Kind regards
Peter Jones

Further information about the documentation template system can be found in the Documentation manual (Emails / Invoices)