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The TourCMS enquiry management system enables you to track individual requests from customers.

Example enquiry types:

  • Brochure request - add a brochure request form to your website and store the enquiry data in the same place as your bookings (meaning you have a single view of your customer data)
  • Tailor made tour requests - do you take requests online? If so, bring these into TourCMS. You can assign them to individual staff members and track them until they are replied. Keep them open until the customer either makes a booking or decides not to progress
  • Contact us forms - a popular form found on a website is a "contact us" form. Bring these requests into your TourCMS queue - so you can go through them one by one and ensure you don't miss any
  • Other uses - do what you like! The system is flexible

An example workflow

  • Customer is on your website
  • They complete a brochure request form
  • A new customer record and enquiry gets created in TourCMS
  • You show a "thank you" page on your website


  • Member of staff looks in TourCMS at the enquiry queue
  • They see that there are 100 brochure requests
  • They export (to Excel) all 100 brochure requests (including customer data)
  • They mailmerge the customer data with a label printer (or sheet labels in a normal printer)
  • 100 labels are printed out and adhered to 100 envelopes
  • TourCMS updates the 100 enquiries to Closed / Solved status


  • 20 out of the 100 customers end up making a booking
  • You now have 80 customer records with "Enquirer" status - and 20 with "Booker" status
  • You can send further marketing to either group how you wish

Enquiries can be added manually (within TourCMS) as well as via web forms on your own website