TourCMS, a leading online booking and channel management solution is operated by Palisis.

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TourCMS provides a complete sales ledger solution and a partial cost ledger functionality

Sales ledger

Complete solution on the sales side of your business

Includes changing sales price, sales tax (both adding tax or working tax inclusive), customer payments, agent balance payments, agent commission payments (including affiliates), mandatory booking fees, deposit calculations, invoice templates and credit card fees.

  • Works over multiple currencies
  • Holds all information including reconciliation status
  • Take credit card payments from the supported payment gateways

Cost ledger

Partial solution for the costs side of your business

Sufficient functionality so that when you are pricing for tailor made tours you know you won't over or under quote to your customers

  • Each component in a booking has a supplier record and cost price (a booking can have multiple components)
  • You can load a cost price and markup by a % if you wish (rather than loading sales prices)
  • Handle supplier specific sales tax settings
  • Supplier specific reports and cost prices enable you to match up your costs with your incoming supplier invoices