TourCMS, a leading online booking and channel management solution is operated by Palisis.

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Features in Detail

Bookings management

  • TourCMS is a powerful bookings management system. Companies are using TourCMS just for bookings (without using it to run their websites)
  • With TourCMS you can sell group departures or price tailor made tours (including flexible itinerary building).
  • TourCMS handles travel agent commission calculations, availability management and documentation generation e.g. accommodation vouchers and invoices.

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Summary of the key functionalities

  • Take online & staff-entered bookings
  • Great at tailor-made tour requests and workflow
  • New bookings automatically reduce remaining availability (can be configured to oversell, sell out or undersell)
  • Price up tailor made bookings
  • Create tasks (set to yourself or other users, either for now or as future reminders) and organise workflow on each booking
  • Automated alerts for problem bookings (such as booking start date being soon but customer not fully paid their balance yet)
  • Templated emails and word processor documents - incorporating booking information into communications such as invoices, receipts, accommodation vouchers etc
  • Communicate to customers, agents and suppliers through the email interface
  • Centralise bookings from multiple websites in one place
  • Sales ledger management (payments from customers and travel agents)
  • Fully integrated credit card payment systems

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