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Go live checklist

After you have been testing for a while you do use TourCMS "for real". There is nothing particularly you need to do before making that step - but you may like to check you have done the following

Set your timezone

Ensure that new bookings and other notes are made in your office time (Configuration & Setup - Account settings)

Delete your test bookings & customer records

Go to superuser (link is in the top of the screen) and then go to a booking you want to delete. Ensure you have cancelled the booking first - then you can see a delete link (top right)

If you have a lot of these you can ask us (TourCMS) and we can delete them all you (But we can only delete ALL bookings/customer records so this can only be done before you have real ones as well)

Set the next booking ID

Set the next booking ID - by default the first booking will be booking ID 1. You may want the first "real" booking to be 1000 or whatever (so either they don't clash with existing numbers you have used, or you can look like you have been trading for a while) (Configuration & Setup - Account settings)

Email templates

You probably want at the very minimum a CONFIRMED BOOKING EMAIL and a FAILED PAYMENT EMAIL template to be setup

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