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Marketing checklist

This outlines the list of things the TourCMS team would check if you asked us to look at how you are using TourCMS to assist with your marketing:

Company listing created in TourCMS Marketplace

  • Well written company description
  • Company logo looks ok (not squashed)
  • The company name is a NAME not a website address (and does not have to be the legal entity name, can be a brand name)
  • Booking terms & conditions present rather than blank / holding text (will be used by larger 3rd party partners so needs to be present and correct)

At least one tour showing in the TourCMS Marketplace

  • With good images
  • Descriptions written in 3rd person (XYZ companies does, rather than we do)

Tracking is correct (so that affiliates will want to send traffic to your website)

  • Enquiry forms (e.g. contact us forms, tailor made tour requests) are using the TourCMS enquiry form system
  • The TourCMS booking engine is in use on the website (even for quote requests rather than contractual bookings)
  • Each tour/hotel has a unique page (or maximum 2 or 3) to a page on the supplier's website containing product information (and possibly dates/prices, although the booking engine can provide that if necessary). The URL for this page should be added to the tour setup so that other websites can send web traffic to this page

A page exists on the website giving information for agents/affiliates

  • Mentions the word agent and the word affiliate
  • Mentions widgets (including perhaps a screenshot?)
  • New agents/affiliates can sign up on the supplier's website using the new agent/affiliate sign up form
    • Check the return_url_success, return_url_failure are set to a web page on the tour operator website (not on
  • Potentially an agent/affiliate login form is present so that agents/affiliates can login directly from the agent/affiliate information page
    • Check the return_url is set to a web page on the tour operator website (not on

Where did you hear about us?

  • Configured a set of "where did you hear about us" answers (for asking customers manually where they heard - e.g. offline advertising)


  • Understand the difference in API and Marketplace permission levels (Advertiser, affiliate, agent)
  • Understand how widgets work - and the widget builder
  • Understand how to use TourCMS to track Google adverts and other paid advertising
  • Misc IDs and how to use them to track traffic/bookings within individual marketing campaigns
  • Understand difference between affiliate commission and travel agent balance collection
  • Understand the booking source report - and the PPC analysis report
  • Understand how to setup agent/affiliate commission schemes
  • Understand that a Data Issue Report (via email) is a bad sign - and corrective action should be taken to fix tours/hotels that are mentioned in the report (normally these relate to tours/hotels with no future dates/prices loaded, or URLs in TourCMS that do not match a web page on the suppliers own website)
  • Understand how to invite agents to the TourCMS Marketplace (within agent manager) and that, subsequent to the agent accepting, the agent can login either start of booking engine - or in the TourCMS Marketplace
  • Understand net rates (if plan to use them)
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