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New TourCMS account - what next?

Firstly welcome again to TourCMS. We are a friendly team and want to work with you to ensure your experience of the software, and our service, is a good one.

Create your first tour and first booking

The best way to understand TourCMS is to configure your first tour and then make a test booking (you can delete the booking later)

  1. Login to TourCMS
  2. On the first page - go to tours (under travel products). Create a new tour
  3. Take a look around the tour setup pages - Descriptions & Images, Setup, Dates & prices
  4. Now, in the Dates & Prices section - create a tour departure (tour departures are used for fixed date trips)
  5. Find the out of the box booking engine (a link for this can be found on the tour setup page for this tour). Make a booking
  6. Now you have a booking reference - find the booking in TourCMS

Configuration everyone does

  1. Tours - including images, descriptions, dates & prices, selling rules
  2. New booking email - in channel manager - email templates (the email that the customer receives when they make a new booking)
  3. Web design for the booking engine - make it more like your existing website
  4. TourCMS Marketplace listing - turn on your listing so agents can find you

Final thoughts

We want you to succeed. If you are not making the progress you want - send us an email - and we will sort out the problems or explain how it works. We are here to help - please use us.