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Promo codes

Promo codes are short pieces of text (e.g. "SUMMERSALE", "10PERCENT") that can be entered by customers at the time of booking, enabling them to receive a discount.

You could advertise a promo code on your website/email marketing to run a late/early booking sale, give a promo code to an organisation to offer their staff/members a discount on your tours or generate a single use promo code for a customer as a good will gesture.

Promo codes can:

  • Apply a percentage discount to a booking (for fixed amounts see gift codes)
  • Optionally apply only to certain tours, or tour rates
  • Optionally apply only for certain travel or booking dates or tour days of the week
  • Optionally require the client to provide a membership number (e.g. AAA)
  • Be limited in the number of uses
    (A single use promo code can work as a gift voucher for a tour or as a good will gesture to a particular client)

Promo code discounts do not apply to credit card or booking fees or local payments (cash)

100% promo code discounts are possible. If setting these up, check that that the booking comes in confirmed. (It will do if you have set that a full successful credit card payment converts a booking to confirmed, on initial receipt of the booking into the system)

Setup & use

Creating promo codes

To create promo codes head to Configuration & Setup > Promo codes.

Adding promo codes to a booking

To enable promo code entry via the customer booking engine head to Channel Manager > Step 3 - Customer information.

Staff can enter a promo code at the point of booking creation or afterwards via the Add Promo link under the Product tab on the booking edit screen.

To build promo code functionality into your API powered booking website/app:

  • Show Promo - Check a promo code is valid for a given channel and find out if it requires a membership number
  • Start New Booking - Pass a promo code when a booking is started to apply it to the booking

Redemption & reporting

TourCMS vouchers include details of any promotional code used.

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