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Tour extensions, additional hotel nights

These style of additional items will extend the booking dates either at the start or end of the main tour by a number of days.

Example travel products:
  • Give customers the option of arriving a day early (or leaving a day late)
  • Set up an extra event which can be attended following the main tour
  • Offer hotel nights before or after a strenuous activity

In this example

The example below walks through creating an option to allow customers to choose how many members of their group would like to stay in a hotel for an extra night prior to the main tour, if selected the start date for the customers booking will be a day earlier. Other possible variations are explained at each stage.

1: Creating the option

Head into the Options section of TourCMS, key in the name of your option and choose a Type - this allows you to group related options together for reporting and display on the booking engine but otherwise has no effect.

Initial settings

2: Dates & Prices

In Dates & Prices for our new we need to create a season for the date band we want this option to be available for (or multiple seasons if our prices/costs vary throughout the year). Here we are loading a flat rate of £50GBP for all of 2009.

Loading our prices

If we wanted to offer this on a per room basis rather than a per person basis we'd just load the room rate here, then head into Descriptions for the Option and change the value of Per to "Room" so that when the customer booked it would be clear they were choosing how many rooms to book.

If we wanted to offer discounts on this item to larger groups we could do so once our season was created by clicking on the Pricing Table, but this will do for now.

3: Setup

In Setup for this Option, under the Extensions / Questions tab setting Extension to - 1 day at start is the trigger that makes this option start a day before the main tour on the customers booking and extends their booking to begin a day earlier.

While in Setup, under the General tab set the Visibility to Public to allow this option to be booked online.

Finally it's just a case of going into the Tours section of TourCMS and associating the option to any of the tours it's vallid for.

Try making a booking

Once complete the new option should look like this when making a booking via the public facing booking engine:

Looks like a bargain!

And then on the next page, once we've added it to our itinerary (note the dates):

Wow, a day earlier!

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