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Frequently asked pre-sales questions

We already have a website - can we use your system?
Yes. You can leave your existing website how it is - or you can manage your website (or sections of it) using TourCMS. At the very minimum you could add a booking engine or tailor-made tour enquiry form to your existing website.

You can join the TourCMS marketplace if you have your own website (or even if you use a different reservation system or don't already take online bookings)

Can you integrate with a flights booking system or GDS?
No. Our existing customers make a manual flight booking on behalf of customers and then record this information within TourCMS.

How long does it take to get up and running?
We suggest it could take 2-4 weeks - however we have seen people start trading within 2 days of receiving their new account.

Can we pay directly (rather than by credit card)?
In some situations yes however generally no.

  • Government DMO organisations can pay by invoice
  • Companies paying by non credit card methods must pay 12 months in advance - for Standard level accounts and above
We have a large number of customers each paying small service charges. If all customers started to pay us using their own systems and on their own timeframes we would have to spend more money on our accounts operation (including chasing overdue payments) and would therefore not be able to offer you the prices we do.

Can we have a copy of the TourCMS code to run on our own web servers?
No. Not at this time. TourCMS is priced as a service - rather than as licensed software.

There are many reasons we don't release the code including:
  • Would slow down our code development process - as we would have to support multiple installations of the software on unknown servers
  • We would have to license, on your behalf, some of our core infrastructure systems that we currently maintain a handful of licenses of. These can be expensive
  • Other commercial reasons
Your website will be on your servers (data is transferred by FTP).

If you are running a TV advert and finding thousands of customers on your site this will be on your servers and putting no technical hard work (load) onto the TourCMS infrastructure. As a result of you running your own web hosting you are also running your own domain name hosting, DNS and email services.

The only section of TourCMS that your customers will see is the online booking engine. This can take your web design hence can be nicely integrated into your site.

Any more questions? Please contact us!