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Technical requirements

TourCMS is managed by us centrally. This means you don't have to host and support the primary application infrastructure - or more simply - leave the worries to us - letting you focus on marketing and operating your tours.

Minimum requirements for staff use

  • An internet connection *
  • An email address (we will send login details to this, plus any system notifications)
  • A modern web browser with cookies and JavaScript enabled, this includes:
    • Internet Explorer: Version 7 or above
    • Mozilla Firefox: Latest version recommended
    • Opera**: Latest version recommended
    • Safari**: Latest version recommended
    • Google Chrome**: Latest version recommended

* Your internet connection must maintain the same IP address throughout a given login session, don't worry though it's very unlikely it will change.

** The "Rich content editor" functionality within TourCMS does not currently work with Opera, Safari or Google Chrome. Users of these browsers will be restricted to the standard content editor.

Advised, but not mandatory

  • 1024 x 768 or larger screen size
  • Static IP address - enabling lockdown of connection between your office and the central system, giving additional security
  • Microsoft Excel (or other spreadsheet application) for reports
  • Microsoft Word (or other wordprocessor application) for creating documents such as invoices etc. (RTF format)
  • Turn off Google toolbar (or at least auto fill) otherwise your personal details could end up in your customer records(!)

If you plan to use TourCMS to manage your website content

If you wish to use TourCMS to manage your website you will need your own web hosting account.

It's preferable if you have a server / web hosting that has a scripting language (such as PHP, Perl or ASP) - especially if you want to code additional business logic with the data exported from TourCMS. However, TourCMS can produce flat HTML files. These files are FTPed to your own hosting. From a TourCMS perspective, you don't need SSL or any database capabilities on your webhosting.

You do not need to worry about the above if you are just adding a TourCMS booking engine to your existing website.