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Site: http://www.beanstream.com
TourCMS uses the Beansteam hosted payment form (included within a standard Beanstream account)

Initial setup

Within Beanstream (Administration / Account settings / Order settings)
  1. Set Restrict Internet Transaction Processing Types to Purchase or Pre-Authorization only
  2. Tick Use hash validation against transaction (MD5) and supply a hash key (that you need to write down!)
Within Beanstream (Configuration / Payment form)
  1. Set these to NO:
    • Include Billing Address
    • Include Shipping Address
    • Allow Price Modification
    • Include Invoice/Order
    • Include Comments
  2. In the page header HTML change the body as follows <body bgcolor="ffffff" onload="location.href='#'"> The addition of the onload JavaScript will ensure that the booking engine scrolls up when the Beanstream payment page is shown within an iframed TourCMS booking engine
  3. Set Transaction type to either Purchase or Pre-Authorization (should match what you have set in TourCMS!)
Within TourCMS (Configuration & Setup - Credit card payments)
  1. Select Beanstream as your payment gateway
  2. Configure Beanstream Merchant ID
  3. Configure MD5 Hash key (that you remembered to write down when you configured Beanstream!)
Within TourCMS (Channel Manager - Credit card payments)
  1. Select Beanstream as your payment gateway for the booking engines you want to use it on
  2. Configure whether a sale or authorisation only

Thats it!

How to do a Pre-Authorization transaction

  1. Customer goes through TourCMS booking engine as normal
  2. Login to your Beanstream account
  3. Go to transaction report
  4. Find the transaction
  5. Click on Pre-Auth completion
  6. You will have to add the payment manually to the TourCMS sales ledger

Remember there are 3 places where you need to configure if you want to setup a Pre-Authorization process!

  1. Beanstream - Administration / Account settings / Order settings
  2. Beanstream - Configuration / Payment form
  3. TourCMS Channel Manager (credit cards)