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Site: https://www.trustmytravel.com/


Merchant facilities for travel companies, especially start-ups, can be hard to come by. Trust My Travel specialise in offering payment solutions for travel companies, either with one of their group schemes, or with your own merchant account covered by their trust account.


Once you are signed up with Trust My Travel they will give you an API token that can be used with TourCMS.

To set up your Trust My Travel gateway in TourCMS, head to "Setup" > "Credit card payments", create a new gateway of type "Trust My Travel (Spreedly)" and enter the following:

Enter the text token
Enter your Trust My Travel API token
Staging or Live
Enter the text L (for live payments)


TourCMS hosted solutions

Trust My Travel (TMT) is fully integrated within the regular TourCMS booking engine and the email token based payment process (for requesting payments via email).

One limitation currently is that in the TourCMS booking engine, if using Trust My Travel, clients who select "Pay later" will still need to complete the credit card payment form, however they will not be charged. We hope to fix this in a future update.

A great workflow is available for processing Trust My Travel payments via the TourCMS API (see below), additionally the back office can process refunds via Trust My Travel.

Your (or your agents) own custom booking engine or app

As Trust My Travel use Spreedly it is easy to integrate into your own booking engine / app, or to give access to travel agents to take payments on their own websites and apps, straight into your payment gateway / merchant account. And as TourCMS is already integrated with Trust My Travel it will send details of the customer booking to Trust My Travel, you do not need to access the Trust My Travel API yourself.

NB: While Trust My Travel Spreedly uses Spreedly behind the scenes that is purely a technicality. You will use the Trust My Travel Spreedly account you do not need to sign up with Spreedly yourself, Trust My Travel will handle the Spreedly end of the setup.

  1. Grab the SPREEDLY_ENVIRONMENT_KEY from Show channel or Channel List API method
  2. Use the Spreedly Iframe form, CORS API or other methods to get a token that represents the customer card
  3. Send this payment method token to the TourCMS Spreedly create payment API

The customer web browser is sending credit card details directly to Spreedly, so neither TourCMS nor your web hosting has access to the actual credit card details, greatly simplifying PCI compliance.


  • No concept of "authorisation only" transactions
  • Test VISA Success: 4111111111111111 (any future expiry date)
  • Test VISA Payment failure: 4012888888881881 (any future expiry date)
  • Year expiry has to be 4 digits
  • Refunds for Trust My Travel made payments can be initiated in the TourCMS back office