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Site: http://www.dibs.dk/


TourCMS uses the hosted payment pages via the Flexwin method.


  • Supports the following languages - Danish, English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Faroese, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Greenlandic
  • Integration section (DIBS Login) go to MD5 keys and copy the K1 & K2 values from there to the TourCMS credit card configuration page
  • Integration section (DIBS Login) go to FlexWin and turn off "Skip accept page"
  • The design of the payment page can be changed from within your DIBS login Configuration information
  • Set captureNow to be "1" (in TourCMS) if your payments are coming in pending AND if directed to by Dibs (as most Dibs accounts do not need this). Leave blank otherwise
  • Set descriptor to be "responsive" (in TourCMS) for a mobile friendly design (that you may prefer to the regular Dibs page anyway). Leave blank otherwise


  • No concept of "authorisation only" transactions
  • Test credit card details are available from DIBS