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Site: http://www.nets.eu


TourCMS uses the NETS hosted payment pages. These are available in English, Norweigan, Danish, Swedish and German. Further information


You can run NETS in test mode and then move to using the live system. In credit card setup (in Configuration & Setup in TourCMS) you can change the URLs that TourCMS uses. This will move your integration from test to live.

Terminal URL https://epayment-test.bbs.no/terminal/default.aspx
Register URL https://epayment-test.bbs.no/Netaxept/Register.aspx
Process URL https://epayment-test.bbs.no/Netaxept/Process.aspx

Terminal URL https://epayment.bbs.no/terminal/default.aspx
Register URL https://epayment.bbs.no/Netaxept/Register.aspx
Process URL https://epayment.bbs.no/Netaxept/Process.aspx

Do check when changing between TEST and LIVE because there is a good chance your password will be different as well as the URLs!