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How to understand the transaction price table
Pricing is different depending on the country. GBP customers will be charged in NZD.
AUD, NZD or USD customers should read the table as being in that currency.

Sign up online

When you sign up for an account you need these products (Page 1):
  • Payline - access to their web inteface for reporting and virtual terminal
  • PxPay - their hosted payment page service
  • PxPost - in order that you can rebill a customer and Payment Express can store card details
On Page 2:
  • Main operating system - Linux
  • Main language - PHP
  • Rate plan - choose one - e.g. Starter (see price table)
  • Primary acquirer - your merchant account (e.g. HSBC / Barclaycard)
  • Transaction setup - tick Authorize/Complete, Purchase, Refund, Validate
  • Payment method (how you will pay Payment Express) - select credit card (probably) or cheque
Next steps
Once you have compeleted the sign up form wait until you hear from Payment Express. You will receive a login to their web based interface (what they call Payline). Login and go to the Merchant accounts menu. Then complete the Hosted Activation Checklist. [This is where you supply your merchant account number]. You may like to mention in the optional comments that you are using TourCMS. Once this form is complete it will take approximately 3 days before you account is activated.

Go live checklist
Ensure that these three services are correctly configured (sometimes they are not)
  • Variable billing - can you see the variable billing menu within the web interface for your live account? (Payline)
  • AUTH transactions should be turned on (open a support ticket for that)
  • Fail-proof Result Notification (FPRN) must be turned off (Ask Payment Express to do this for you)
  • You may like to do a 1 GBP (or other low value transaction) on a real credit card. Then phone your merchant account provider and check that they money has come through. Mainly this is immediate but for non-GBP transactions (Barclaycard) it can be overnight
Random notes
  • Within Payline where it asks for a Refund password this is your Payline password
  • You can do full or partial refunds (from within web interface - Payline). Min refund is 1 unit of currency (e.g. 1 USD or 1 GBP)
  • If you are talking to Barclaycard in the UK about Payment Express Barclaycard don't recognise the name. Instead tell Barclaycard that the company is called Direct Payment Solutions!
  • Test credit card number (for your non-live account): 4111111111111111 (For example you could add the test account details to TourCMS and do test payments before swapping over to your live details later)
  • If you have an HSBC merchant account and wish to use Payment Express please leave plenty of time in your project plan as we have had some issues linking them together
  • Hosted payment pages are only available in English / French / Chinese (Simplified / Traditional)
  • You can charge a card from within Payline if you wish. If you do so you should remember to add a manual sales ledger entry in TourCMS as any payments made in Payline are not automatically communicated to TourCMS
"Expired booking" error message while testing the Payment Express with the TourCMS Booking Engine
Check with Payment Express that they have disabled Fail-proof Result Notification (FPRN)