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TourCMS uses the hosted payment pages via the Realauth Redirect method.


Test accounts are available from Realex if you wish to test prior to running live transactions.

Account - Realex may send you a test account sub-account (in order to keep your test transactions separate from real ones). This can be configured in TourCMS. OR set to blank for the default internet sub-account to be used

You MUST tell Realex support the following information:

  • Referring URL - Anything from or
  • Response URL -

The design of the payment page can be changed from within your Realex login

Blank page after payment?

If you experience a blank page after making your first test payment in your new Realex account via TourCMS please check the following:

  • Log in to your Realex account
  • If “Process via HPP” is checked, try un-checking it and making another payment

If you set up a new Realex account with TourCMS we'd appreciate your feedback on this issue. Did you experience it? We can update our documentation once we have more feedback.


  • No concept of "authorisation only" transactions
  • Test credit card details are available from Realex