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Site: http://www.securepay.com/


TourCMS uses the hosted payment pages via their secure16 service.


Test accounts are available from SecurePay if you wish to test prior to running live transactions.

You MUST tell SecurePay support to set the following permited referring URLs otherwise you will see a Security Violation screen:

  • https://live.tourcms.com/reserve/5_pre_card.php
  • https://p.tourcms.com/p.php

Your transaction key can be found in the SecureGuard section of the SecurePay login

The design of the payment page can be changed from within your SecurePay login


  • No concept of "authorisation only" transactions
  • Test credit card details: 4111111111111111, Any future date
  • This is SecurePay.com not SecurePay in Australia
  • USD only, English only