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TourCMS uses the hosted payment pages


Configuration is slightly tricky. Please do test well!

  • Installation ID should be easy to find in your Worldpay configuration login
  • MD5 secret for transactions - set this in Worldpay AND TourCMS. Any word you like

Worldpay - Installations section
  • Storebuilder - Other - TourCMS
  • Payment response URL <wpdisplay item=MC_callback> (No http://, no quotes, just like that)
  • Payment response enabled - TICK
  • Enable shopper response - TICK
  • MD5 secret for transansactions - set this in Worldpay AND TourCMS. Any word you like
  • Signature fields - instId:amount:currency:cartId (Please cut and paste this, it has to be accurate)


  • To test transactions set test mode setting to 100 (in TourCMS configuration for Worldpay). Set to blank for regular use