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TourCMS uses the hosted payment pages via the Basic e-Commerce system.
Ogone works with a large range of merchant accounts in Europe and beyond.

Initial configuration

A bit complex but we suggest/require these settings:

  1. PSPID - From your account with Ogone
  2. SHA-IN Pass phrase - Go to technical information, Data and origin verification, Checks for e-Commerce - and set SHA-IN Pass phrase there. The configure the pass phrase into TourCMS
  3. Configure an order URL in TourCMS
    • TEST:
    • LIVE:
  4. Currency selection - Configuration - Account - Currencies - CHECK that currency you want is setup there (remember that in TourCMS a single channel has a single currency)
  5. Configuration - Technical information - Referring URL - Set as;
  6. Global transaction parameters - SALE (not authorisation). TourCMS only works with sale type transactions currently (with Ogone)
  7. Global transaction parameters - RETRY - probably move down to 2 or so


You must also set a design of your payment page from within TourCMS

  • Title - Page title
  • Background color
  • Table background color
  • Table text color / Button text color
  • Button background color
  • Font family - e.g. Verdana

Colours can be set using hexadecimal colour scheme OR web colour names


You can setup a test account via the Ogone website and configure those details into TourCMS if you wish to test the integration

On Technical settings - Test info - ensure that it says I want to simulate transaction results based on the card number then you can test both failing and correct transactions. You will see credit card numbers you can use there on that screen


Ogone supports a wide range of languages

English, Arabic, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Slovak, Turkish, Chinese

TourCMS doesn't support all these languages though, so bear that in mind! TourCMS supported languages