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Very Basic Booking Engine

An extremely basic, verbosely commented set of pages that can be used to input bookings in TourCMS via the XML API.

Very much designed as a learning tool to help developers build a custom booking engine or otherwise enter bookings into TourCMS via the API and very much not designed to be a drop in configurable solution. (If you are looking for an "off the shelf" booking engine, check out the standard hosted TourCMS Booking Engine included in every TourCMS account)


Currently only supports booking of a single product however the API itself supports the booking of multiple products (just add them all using multiple component_key nodes in the start new booking call)

The booking process has been broken down into as many user-facing steps as possible in an effort to make each API call easy to follow and debug, in a production scenario you can of course reduce the number of user-facing steps and files used as you see fit.


  1. Download/checkout the code
  2. Rename inc/config-example.php to inc/config.php
  3. Open inc/config.php in a text editor
  4. Set the API parameters ($marketplace_account_id, $channel_id and $api_private_key) *
  5. Set $response_url to point to the location of your step2.php file
  6. Save the file and you are done configuring

Open up a browser and navigate to step0.php, hopefully you should see a list of Tours/Hotels you (or if you are a Marketplace Agent, your connections) have made available to the API. Click on a Tour/Hotel to start making a new booking.

Test Operator API credentials

* If you are on a free TourCMS account you won't have access to the API, instead you are more than welcome to use the Test Operator credentials:

  • Marketplace ID: 0
  • Channel ID: 3930
  • API Key: 0df0db4dc340

If you are a Marketplace Agent looking to make test bookings you can do so by connecting to the "TourCMS Test Operator" channel in your control panel and then using your regular API credentials. You are free to make bookings against that test account.

Version history

Initial public release (24 Oct 2011)

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