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List Tour Booking Restrictions

Return information about field restrictions of specific tours, often combined with named tickets.
Tour operators cannot use the account filter, because they can only access to his own tours.
Partners must use account filter to filter tours in the specific account, if not account provided, API request will be rejected.
Tour operators and Partners can filter tours using the tour filter separated by comma.

REST info

Call /api/tours/restrictions/list_tour_bookings_restrictions
Formats XML
Example /api/tours/restrictions/list_tour_bookings_restrictions.xml
Verb GET


PHP examples use the PHP Client Library with SimpleXML


object list_tour_booking_restrictions ( int $channel [ , string $querystring = "" ] )


Channel ID
See table below


// Channel ID
$channel = 6;

// Query the TourCMS API
$result = $tourcms->list_tour_booking_restrictions($channel);

// Print out the error
print 'error: '.$result->error;
error: OK

Querystring parameters

Querystring parameters
Parameter Notes
aidAccount ID. Can be used by Operators and Marketplace Agents. Mandatory for Marketplace Agents.
tour_idsTour IDs separated by commas. The returned XML will contain each of the tours we search by this parameter.

Response fields

Response fields
request Confirmation of the request that you sent
error Error status OK/NOTOK
error_message Any error message returned. Will only be returned if error is NOTOK

Node containing an array of tours:


Each tour we searched for:

tour_idInternal TourCMS Tour ID

Node containing information of field restrictions for each tour:


Required fields for creating a booking on this tour, often used with named tickets.

XML NodeNotes

Each required field.

XML NodeNotes
nameName of the required field. Can be: “firstname”, “surname”, “email”, “address” and “phone”.
scopeScope of the required field. Can be: “allpax”, “leadpax”, “otherpax”.
requireWhether it is required or if we should reject it. Can be: “required”, “reject”.

Additional criteria.

XML NodeNotes

Each criteria.

XML NodeNotes
nameCriteria name, e.g. “associate_customers”

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