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List Pickup Points

Lists pickup points in TourCMS for an account.


For Tour Operator usage only (not accessible by Marketplace Agents).

REST info


Code samples

PHP examples use the PHP Client Library with the return type set to SimpleXML


list_pickups($query_string, $channel)


The filters for the pickups (id, page, per_page) Can be empty.
ID number for the channel the pickup points belongs to.


// Define the ID of the pickup point we wish to get.
$query_string = "id=1";

// Define the channel ID the pickup points belongs to.
$channel = 3930;

// Call TourCMS API, getting the list of pickups points.
$result = $tourcms->list_pickups($query_string, $channel);

print $result->error;

Looking for sample code in a different language? TourCMS and community provided API libraries

Querystring parameters

Querystring parameters
id Pickup point ID. If set we will return the specified pickup point.
per_page Number of results to return per page. Default is 100. Max is 250.
page Integer for which page number to return. Default is page 1.

The Channel ID is also passed via the request header, this is required as Tour IDs are unique within a particular channel (supplier) rather than being unique system wide.

Response fields

Response fields
XML NodeNotes
request Confirmation of the request that you sent
error Any error message returned, if there is no error this will just contain the text OK
total_pickup_count The total number of pickup points in the TourCMS account

Pickups node contains:

XML NodeNotes

There will be one pickup node for each result on this page.
Each pickup node contains the following child nodes.

XML NodeNotes
pickup_id The pickup point ID for the TourCMS account
pickup_name The name of the pickup point
description Any extra information for the client, e.g. "Meet in the reception lounge"
address1 First line of the address
address2 Second line of the address
postcode Postcode
lat Latitude - geographic coordinate
long Longitude - geographic coordinate
geocode Lat,Lng geographic point. Sample - (1.23,4,56)
staff_only 1/0
0 - All - Can be added by customers, travel agents and staff (Default)
1 - Staff only - Can ONLY be added to a booking by staff only (not customers / travel agents)
rank Numeric - Can be used as an additional ordering value for hotel pickup reports
viator_name If you configure the hotel name EXACTLY as configured in Viator, TourCMS will map Viator bookings to the correct pickup point
supplier_pickup_code Allows subsystem mapping of pickups

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