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3D Secure 2 via TourCMS API (Spreedly)

Please note this guide refers to what Spreedly refer to as Gateway Direct 3D Secure 2 whereby your gateway will handle the 3D Secure 2 processing, not the new "Spreedly 3D Secure" service whereby Spreedly act as a third party 3D Secure 2 processor. "Spreedly 3D Secure" is currently unsupported in the TourCMS API.

View list of "3DS Gateway Direct" supported gateways

In 2015 the EU adopted a new directive on payment services (PSD 2) to improve their existing rules and take new digital payment services into account. The directive became applicable in January 2018.

A major component of this is is the requirement for Secure Customer Authentication, served by 3D Secure 2. The following page outlines how developers can implement 3D Secure 2 via Spreedly using TourCMS API endpoints and Spreedly "Gateway Direct 3D Secure 2". For those implementing 3D Secure 2 via other payment solutions, simply notify TourCMS once you have processed a payment via our standard Create Payment endpoint.


To implement 3D Secure with Spreedly using TourCMS APIs you should follow the Spreedly Gateway Direct 3D Secure 2 guide with the following exceptions / notes:

  • Where the guide instructs you to call the Spreedly purchase endpoint, instead call TourCMS Spreedly Create Payment endpoint as you would normally, just providing the additional fields required for 3D Secure, and observing the new fields returned.
  • Where the guide instructs you to call the Spreedly complete endpoint, instead call TourCMS Spreedly Complete Transaction endpoint.
  • There is no need to provide a 3D Secure 1 callback_url, TourCMS will handle that.

Test gateway

A Spreedly test gateway has been created that can be used for developing and testing 3D Secure 2. To use the gateway add the following in TourCMS, inside a new gateway in Configuration & Setup > credit card payments.

  • Environment Key 9xyyNh89TMduskMtOTh48V2wrJ8
  • Gateway Key NbldSbMyiZETPwQicbpuZ2Eweu4

The other settings can be left blank.

Test data

See the Spreedly guide for test cards and amounts.

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