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Search raw departures

Get a raw departure data list for a particular Tour

Part of a series of API calls intended largely for managing dates and prices outside of TourCMS


This is the raw departure information as entered by members of staff (with no currency conversion, markup etc added) intended for those looking to manage their dates and prices externally of TourCMS. This is not intended to be displayed to customers / agents.
For displaying dates & prices to customers / agents we suggest using Dates & Deals

Users should use the existing date band searches to work on e.g. a month or 2,3 at a time if they have many departures.

REST info


Code samples

PHP examples use the PHP Client Library with SimpleXML


object search_raw_departures ( int $tour, int $channel, [ string $params = "" ] )


ID number for the Tour we want to get raw departures for
The Channel that the tour belongs to
Search querystring, see possible values in the table below


// The Tour we want to retrieve departures for
$tour = 1;

// Channel the Tour belongs to
$channel = 3930;

// Query the TourCMS API
$result = $tourcms->search_raw_departures( $tour, $channel);

// Loop through each departure and output the ID, code and time
foreach($result->tour->dates_and_prices->departure as $departure) {
	print $departure->departure_id.' '.$departure->code.' '.$departure->start_date.'<br />';
2765 09:00-12:30 2013-11-20
2766 13:00-16:30 2013-11-20

C# examples use the .Net Client Library

Coming soon

VB examples use the .Net Client Library

Coming soon

Querystring parameters

Querystring parameters
idID of the Tour to retrieve raw departure information from
Optionally request just those departures starting between two dates.
Format: YYYY-MM-DD
per_pageNumber of results to return per page. Default is 10000. Max is 10000. Minimum is 1.
pageInteger for which page number to return. Default is page 1. Where page is used, per_page must be provided also. If not provided both error returned INVALID_PAGINATION

The Channel ID is also passed in the header, if you are using one of our client libraries then you will be passing the Channel ID as the second argument.

Response fields

Response fields
XML NodeNotes
request Confirmation of the request that you sent
error Any error message returned, if there is no error this will just contain the text OK

The tour node contains:

XML NodeNotes
channel_idChannel ID
account_idAccount ID
tour_idTour ID
sale_currencySale currency
cost_currencyCost currency
quantity_rule1 - price x 1 (for group pricing)
q - price x quantity (per person pricing)
max_booking_sizeMaximum booking size
min_departure_sizeMinimum numbers (to make the tour run)
max_departure_sizeMaximum capacity (for the tour)

The dates_and_prices node contains:

XML NodeNotes

A departure node for each departure, containing:

XML NodeNotes
departure_idDeparture ID. Unique identifier for the departure.
codeDeparture code. May be in format 09:00-17:00 for day tours with specific time, if so the start_time and end_time fields may be populated.
start_dateStart date (YYYY-MM-DD)
end_dateEnd date (YYYY-MM-DD)
noteNote for the departure (free text)
supplier_noteSupplier note (can be used for holding date specific IDs from 3rd party reservation systems)

If guide languages have been loaded on this departure (if this node doesn't exist, none have been loaded, asssume all languages from the tour level are supported on this departure) a guide_language node will be returned containing the following:

XML NodeNotes
language A language node for each tour guide language supported on this departure, 2 digit, e.g. "fr".
spaces_remainingNumber of spaces remaining on the departure
min_booking_sizeMinimum booking size
statusThe current status for the departure. CLOSED, ASKFIRST, OPEN - Normally ask first status appears when very few spaces remain or when the it is a last minute booking. Could also be manually closed.
auto_statusThe status TourCMS would automatically set this departure to, could be overridden by a member of staff closing the departure (see below). CLOSED, ASKFIRST, OPEN - Normally ask first status appears when very few spaces remain or when the it is a last minute booking.
manually_closedWhether the Departures has been manually closed or not.
1 = Yes, 0 = No
calc_quotationNumber of spaces that have been booked on "Quotation" status bookings
calc_provisionalNumber of spaces that have been booked on "Provisional" status bookings
calc_confirmedNumber of spaces that have been booked on "Confirmed" status bookings
spaces_blockedNumber of spaces blocked off by staff (e.g. spaces that can't be booked)
fixed_sale_priceFor accounts with “Fixed sale price” functionality enabled, indicates whether this particular departure has been flagged as having a fixed sale price (overriding cost+ margin logic)
1 = fixed sale price, 0 = regular price

A special_offer node will always be returned regardless of whether there is a discount or not, it will contain:

XML NodeNotes
is_offer1 if there is a special offer, 0 if not
offer_priceThe price for the offer (if is_offer is 0 then this will be the same as the main departure price)
offer_price_displayDisplay version of the offer_price with currency information
offer_noteNote for the offer (free text)

A rates node containing:

XML NodeNotes

A rate node for each rate containing:

XML NodeNotes
agecat Age category (s-senior, a-adult, y-youth, c-child, i-infant)
Years. If blank, first check agecat, secondly assume is adult
rate_code Tour operators only. Additional field for cross sytem mapping
Price - display version (Includes HTML entity currency code and no decimals)
Cost - display version (Includes HTML entity currency code and no decimals)

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