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Get Tour Facets

Return tour facets (search criteria) that can be used to request the tour list from the subsystem.


For Tour Operator usage only (not accessible by Marketplace Agents).

REST info



PHP examples use the PHP Client Library with SimpleXML


object get_tour_facets ( int $channel )


ID for the Channel (Operator) - required


// Channel (Operator) ID of the Tour
$channel = 6;

// Query the TourCMS API
$result = $tourcms->get_tour_facets($channel);

// Go straight to the tour node
$tour = $result->tour_facets;

// Print out the tour name and lead in price
print 'Top Level Text - '.$tour->top_level_text;
Top Level Text - Message from subsystem

Try it

Enter your TourCMS API credentials below to call the Get Tour Facets endpoint.


Querystring parameters

There are no querystring parameters.

Response fields

Response fields
request Confirmation of the request that you sent
error Any error message returned, if there is no error this will just contain the text OK

The tour_facets node contains the following child nodes.

top_level_textMessage to be displayed above the tour facet inputs
error_messageIf there was an error thrown by the subsystem when returning the tour facets
auto_submit_form1 - Auto submit the form (facets)
0 - Don't auto submit

Information about all the tour facets fields (inputs)

XML NodeNotes

There will be a field node for each field

XML NodeNotes
nameInput name
labelInput label
descriptionInput description
valueInput value. Exists if the node values doesn't

Information about all the input values. Exists if the node value doesn't. Used for select type inputs.

XML NodeNotes

There will be a value node for each value / option in the select

XML NodeNotes
valueOption value
textOption text
selected1 - Option is selected
0 - Option is not selected
placeholderInput placeholder
input_typeInput type. We only accept "text" and "select".
mandatory1 - Field is mandatory
0 - Field is not mandatory

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