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Managing tour geopoints


TourCMS provides a range of API's to allow you to manage your tour geopoints. We have 3 API methods to work with tour geopoints.

Tour Geopoints management API methods

  • Create Tour Geopoint

    Create a new tour geopoint in the requested tour. If you are trying to create a new start/end geopoint, it will update the current one.

  • Delete Tour Geopoint

    Delete an existing tour geopoint in the requested tour.

  • Update Tour Geopoint

    Update an existing tour geopoint in the requested tour. Geopoint must exist to upload.


Tour Geopoints management endpoints can only be used by Tour Operators (not Marketplace Agents).

Tour Geopoints can only be deleted if they are midpoints. Start and end geopoints cannot be deleted from a tour.

List of tours geopoints will be available using the show tour endpoint.