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Voucher redemption

Clients may be issued vouchers either when they book via a TourCMS operator directly, or via an OTA or other travel website. These vouchers could be a printout, a web page open in a browser or pass displayed in an Apple Passbook.

TourCMS provides APIs allowing the bookings associated with these vouchers to be retrieved and checked-in.

Learn about configuring & redeeming vouchers in the TourCMS system.

API methods

  1. Search Voucher

    Find a list of bookings and any of their components (tours) that are due to start today by passing in the contents of a voucher barcode

  2. Redeem Voucher

    Redeem a voucher component, checking the client in at the start of their tour

API credentials

Tour Operators should use their own API credentials.

Ticket booths will likely want to have a set of API credentials (a Marketplace Agent account) per booth. To track changes back to individual machines / users send through an identifier as part of the "note" when calling Redeem Voucher. Tour Operators need to explicitly grant redemption access for agent accounts on the specific agent record within their TourCMS system.

Testing during integration

The voucher redemption API requires at least one active (confirmed, non cancelled) booking for today.

If testing using agent credentials, connect up to the TourCMS Example Tour Operator and make a test booking on one of the regular daily tours there, at the time of writing Tour ID 1 "Half day rafting" has availability every day. If you have trouble getting a test tour to make bookings against do contact us.

If testing using tour operator credentials you will likely want to set up a test tour with availability every day to make test bookings against.

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