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Opening the Booking Engine in a Popup

Booking engine opened in a new 'popup' window

Loading the booking engine in a popup window means that when the customer has done with the booking engine they close the window and are back at your website.

Another alternative if you want to keep your customers on your website is to load the booking engine in an iframe, or just add a link back to your site on the final step of the booking process.

Some methods of opening popup windows are better than others, the code below should work even if the customer has a popup blocker installed.

Sample HTML

<a href="{BookingLink}&if=1&ifwidth=720" onclick="window.open(this.href, 'mywin', 
'toolbar=0,menubar=0,scrollbars=1,height=600,width=720'); return false;">Book online</a>
  • Replace {BookingLink} with the booking link (URL) for a Tour, obtained as explained in the booking engine linking overview.
  • Add &if=1&ifwidth=700 as parameters to the tour booking URL. The width setting lets you set the width of the booking engine and should match the width you pass to the window.open function
  • A sensible minimum width for the Iframe would be 720px, you can go narrower but please do test

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