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Booking Engine querystring parameters

The TourCMS booking engine will set sensible defaults for most things, a lot of which can be configured in Channel Manager.

To further adjust settings the following parameters can be added onto the end of the booking engine link:

TourCMS Booking Engine Querystring Parameters
Parameter Details Sample value
Any Tour type
month_year Default selection for the MonthYear box
This is ignored in the following two instances:
  • For Hotel type Tours if "Show availability calendar" is set to No (default)
  • For regular Tours if the booking engine is configured to list the "Next X" number of seasons/departures (rather than listing all seasons/departures in a particular month)
(May 2012)
if Tells the booking engine that it is inside an IFrame
Causes the booking engine to hide items such as banners and surrounding HTML, useful when loading the booking engine inside an IFrame or Popup Window.
ifwidth Booking engine width (when combined with if=1)
agent A valid Agent ID
Bookings will be attributed to this agent inside TourCMS, useful for tracking websites that market your products.
Standard Tours only (Freesales & Departures)
people(X) Default number of people on a Tour or Rate

X is used to designate which Rate we want to set the number of people for. For example on a given Tour you may have several Rates configured to allow for different pricing for "Adult", "Child", "Senior Citizen"; say you wanted to default the booking engine to 2 Adults, 0 Children and 0 Seniors you coud use:

Hotels only
ad Default number of adults
If there are no child rates loaded for a hotel this is considered to be the number of people.
ch Default number of children 1
inf Default number of infants 1
startdate_yyyymmdd Default start date 2012-05-01
(1st May 2012)
hdur Default duration (days / nights) 1

Using your own CMS tour codes

If you are integrating with an existing CMS you can generate URLs to the booking engine WITHOUT needing to know the tour id. Generally you shouldn't be doing this but it is possible:

  1. Find a booking engine URL with correct a (Account ID), w (Channel ID), ty (type - probably t for tour)
  2. Remove the key (k)
  3. Send t=-1 rather than t being the tour id
  4. Send supplier_tour_code being the tour code set on tour setup (per tour) as your supply side tour code

CMS Tag example

If you are building your website using TourCMS Web Templates you can still use these additional parameters to customise your Booking Engine.

The following example will output the Booking Engine link for the Tour with the id of 4 and default the number of people (or the number of people in the first Rate) to 4:

<a href="<$TourCMStour t_id="4" output="t_book_url"$>&people1=4">Book online</a> 
<a href="<$TourCMStour t_id="4" output="t_book_url"$>&people1=4">Book online</a>

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