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Booking Engine Tracking and Analytics

Agent / Affiliate tracking

Every booking in TourCMS can be associated with an agent. An agent doesn’t have to be a “travel agent” but could be a 3rd party that is marketing your tours (for example Google advertising via Adwords or Yahoo PPC).

The most important setting is the one in the agent manager – where it defines who is responsible for the balance payment for all bookings made by that agent. For companies such as Google (where you are using the agent record to track 3rd party marketing) ensure that the lead customer is the one responsible for paying for the booking!

Using TourCMS you can generate trackable web links to give to these 3rd party partners, clicks are tracked and the correct agent will be assigned to any booking made (within 365 days of the click). Just head to Agent Manager in TourCMS for details; alternatively ask your agent to sign up for the TourCMS Marketplace and they will be able to pull XML feeds of your product content, generate their own trackable links, build Widgets and view their own click and booking stat reports.

3rd party Analytics software

An alternative (or addition) to the Agent / Affiliate tracking in TourCMS is to use a 3rd party tracking script such as Google Analytics. Tracking code can be added to the final step of the booking process including special tags used to pass through booking data such as pax numbers or prices.

We currently have a tutorial for Google Analytics however the same techniques should be applicable to other systems, if you are adding tracking for a 3rd party affiliate network you will likely find the "E-commerce tracking" section of the Google Analytics tutorial useful as the tags used to pass through booking information should be the same.

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