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Webpage template system

TourCMS includes a content extraction mechanism powered by tags. Initially you create and edit page templates within TourCMS. These pages are rebuilt by TourCMS and the tags are replaced with data (such as dates, prices & availability) from the system. Web pages that have been generated are then FTPed to your own web server.

You DO NOT have to use TourCMS as your website CMS unless you wish to. If you just want to add an online booking engine to your existing website. Inside TourCMS go to a specific tour, ensure that the tour is bookable online (status: public) and the next time you go into that tour setup you will see a URL that you can directly add to an existing website, if you are integrating in this way there is no need to enter your web server FTP details into TourCMS

Important: This template system is somewhat legacy functionality and is no longer actively updated. The majority of sites using TourCMS for content these days use either our API or WordPress plugin.

For most sites we would recommend the API, however please do feel free to contact or contact one of our recommended web designers as to what's best for your particular site.

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