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Solution library

Product setup and config

Core product (Tours/Hotels)

These examples outline how to configure TourCMS for a variety of travel products. These product types are not "mutually exclusive" - you can have multiple product types within a single TourCMS account.

Collecting extra data with a Tour Booking - Sometimes when taking a tour booking there is additional information that needs to be collected beyond just the date, time and quantities.

Ancilliary items, extensions and discounts (Options)

"Options" can be used to configure a wide range of ancillary products, charges or discounts. Here we have walkthroughs of some of the most popular types, each also includes suggestions on further tweaks and enhancements.

Taxes, Commissions, Markups

Tip: These three all use the concept of "Types" and "Schemes" so if you have read one tutorial the others are very similar

  • Sales tax - Learn how to configure sales taxes on your selling prices and / or supplier costs
  • Travel agent commission - Configure the amounts of commission your agents should receive
  • Travel agent net rates - Advanced distrubution of rates to travel websites
  • Markup - Mark up (or down) your sales prices (or do cost + margin pricing)

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