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Delete tour document

Remove a document (and related description) from a Tour.

Want to replace the document instead? See the Tour file upload endpoint.

REST info

POST data:
<?xml version="1.0"?>

Code samples

PHP examples use the PHP Client Library with the return type set to SimpleXML


object delete_tour_document(int $channel, SimpleXMLElement $document_info)


Integer ID number for the channel this tour belongs to.
SimpleXMLElement containing the Tour and Document IDs


// The channel ID this tour belongs to.
$channel = 3930;

// Start building the  XML
$document_info = new SimpleXMLElement('<file />');

// Define the ID of the Tour we wish to delete the document from
$image_info->addChild('tour_id', '1');

// And the Document ID (Currently only 1 document can be uploaded, so always 1)
$image_info->addChild('document_id', '1');

// Call TourCMS API, deleting the image
$result = $tourcms->delete_tour_document($channel, $document_info);

if ($result->error == "OK") {
    print "Document deleted";
} else {
    print $result->error;
Document deleted

Looking for sample code in a different language? TourCMS and community provided API libraries

Querystring parameters

There are no querystring parameters.

Post fields

Post fields
XML NodeNotes

The root XML element, can contain any of the following child nodes.

XML NodeNotes
tour_idThe Tour ID the image belongs to. Mandatory.
document_idThe ID of the document (Currently only 1). Mandatory.

Response fields

Response fields
XML NodeNotes
request Confirmation of the request that you sent
error Any error message returned, if there is no error this will just contain the text OK.

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