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Upload tour files (photos, documents)

Upload files (currently either photos or pdf documents) to TourCMS CDN and associate them with a tour.

TourCMS currently mandates at least one photo (maximum 10 photos) be added to each tour that is distributed via the API. Additionally a single document in PDF format can be uploaded, for conveying additinal information that doesn't fit within one of TourCMS standard fields such as hop on hop off route maps.

The upload process involves three steps:

  1. Call TourCMS Get Tour file upload URL endpoint to obtain a pre-signed Amazon S3 URL
  2. Upload the file to Amazon S3 using the pre-signed URL provided in Step 1
  3. Call TourCMS Process uploaded tour file endpoint once you have uploaded the file to S3

Once all three steps are completed the file will be hosted on TourCMS CDN and associated with your tour.

Need to delete a file?

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