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Menu / Navigation

WordPress 3.0 introduced a tool for creating menus, this page explains some of the ways this can be used with the TourCMS plugin. Here's a screenshot of the type of thing we can create without writing any code:

Sample menu

If you are new to WordPress 3.0 you may wish to familiarise yourself with the "Menu" page in the "Appearance" section of WordPress Admin.

Adding your Tours/Hotels to the Menu

Screen Options

The first thing to do is switch on the special types that TourCMS installs so that they can be added to Menus, to do this head to the Menus page in the Appearance section of WordPress Admin. Expand the Screen Options menu at the very top right (shown below) and ensure Tours/Hotels, Locations and Product Types are ticked.

Screen Options

Adding individual products

Afer installing the TourCMS plugin you will be able to add individual Tours/Hotels to the main menu, this is great if you only have a few Tours.

Head to the Menu page in the Appearance section of WordPress Admin and you should see a box labeled Tours/Hotels. In this box you can tick the Tours/Hotels you want to add to the menu (or click "Select All") then click "Add to Menu" and you will see your products added to the right hand side, you can rearrange the menu items and click "Save Menu" when you are done.

If instead you wish to add groups of products (e.g. "Cycling Tours") to the Menu, read on:

Adding groups of products

Back on the Menu page you should see boxes for Product Types and Locations, if you created some while you were loading your products you can add them to the menu. When a user clicks that menu item, instead of going straight to a particular Tour/Hotel they will go to a page listing all Tours/Hotels of that Type / Location (don't forget you can add as many product types as you like, and each Tour/Hotel can have multiple product types). If you have added a Description for a Product Type / Location the TourCMS theme will display it.

The following screenshot (click for full size) shows a completed Menu, here the top level Tours menu entry will list Tours/Hotels of Product Type "All Tours", this is a handy way to give your customers a list of all products.

Arranging a menu

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