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An A-Z of TourCMS related words


A third party who is rewarded for sending traffic or bookers to your site. Load them as an Agent and you can track their clicks / bookings; make them a free Marketplace account and they can access lots of tools to help promote your products
A third party who gets assigned to bookings in your system so that they can be paid Commission. Either because they made the booking themselves, or because they are an Affiliate who sent the customer to you.
A way of building other software that can talk to TourCMS, TourCMS has APIs for retrieving product information and making bookings


Stores the travel details for a group of Customers. Can be used for creating quotes which can then be converted to bookings if the customer decides to take them. A booking has three stages - Quotation, Provisional and Confirmed.
Booking Engine
Also known as the Online Booking Engine. If you decide to take web bookings this is the part of TourCMS that your customers see. Can be configured to match your existing website design, take online payments, send confirmation emails etc. Booking Engine support pages


Each Booking in TourCMS is made against a particular Channel; it is a way of setting the language, currency and brand (amongst other settings) that the customer will experience.
A possible value for a Group, used to help categorise travel products. For example you may have a Group called "Activity" with possible Categories of Fishing, Cycling, Rafting etc.
See Product Filter
Cost Price
The amount of money that you pay a supplier for a particular product, or other costs incurred to you for that product. Used to calculate Margin
Amount or percentage paid to an Agent to reward them for making a booking. Travel Agent Commission tutorial
An individual who may feature on one or more Enquiries or Bookings in your system. You can add customers from an existing database if you have one, they do not need to have an actual booking in TourCMS


A way of loading pricing and availability for a Tour. A Departure is a single instance of a Tour/Trip. It will have a specific start date, a specific end date, a limit on the number of people who can attend most likely a Sales Price. Alternative methods are Freesale Seasons or Hotels.


A request that comes from a customer. For example a brochure request, a tailor- made tour request, a “contact me” request etc. They can be assigned to individual Staff users for processing


Freesale Season
A way of loading pricing and availability for a Tour. A Freesale Season defines a date range that a product can be booked in, plus the price for that period. By default any date within the range can be booked however limits can be placed on durations and start/end days of the week. Alternative methods are Departures or Hotels.
A “to do” item or task that needs to be undertaken – such as “call back the customer to confirm their dates of birth”. Can be set automatically to indicate events (such as the receipt of a new online booking) or issues (such as the tour is about to start but the full balance has yet to be received).
If you use TourCMS to manage your website content using Templates then TourCMS will use FTP to send new and updated pages to your website. Your web host will be able to give you your FTP settings


Either multiple Customers travelling together on a Booking or...
A way of organising travel products into Product Filters (Collections). You may have Groups for "Location", "Activity", "Difficulty" etc.


A special type of Tour that allows loading of complex Room or per person pricing. Can be used for Hotels, Villas, Chalets, Camp sites, Cruises etc. Examples in the Solution Library

I, J, K


See Staff Account or Agent
Already got an account? Login here: Supplier / Agent


Gross profit. The amount you sell a product for minus the Cost Price
The TourCMS Marketplace connects the Tour Operators using TourCMS with third party Partners who can promote their products, providing traffic, leads and sales. Learn more about The Marketplace
An amount/percentage added on to the Sale Price of a product to get the final asking price. Useful for adjusting pricing for different market places / brands or for quickly adjusting the asking price of lots of products in one go. Can also be a negative amount to apply a discount



Products that can be added to a Tour/Hotel when making a booking. Can be used for things like equipment hire, flights, extensions, discounts, insurance etc. See examples in the Solution Library


An advertising model whereby a site that wants traffic pays out a certain amount of money per click (alternative models include CPA).
Product Filter (Collection)
A mechanism for grouping related Tours together. For example if you sell in two countries – France and Spain – and you have three product types – wine tours, cycling tours and hotels – you can create a collection that includes just Spanish wine tours. Useful for building web pages, reporting or setting user access restrictions. Product filter (Collections) tutorial
Promo code
A piece of text that can be entered at time of booking to obtain a discount. More on Promo codes.



When discussing Hotels in TourCMS a Rate is a type of Room (double room, sea-view room etc) which does not have a limited availability loaded, e.g. it will continue to sell for a given date until taken off sale. Hotel information.
For other Tours a Rate is a way of loading differnt prices for different people (discounts for children/seniors or different prices depending on how many people book).
A way of getting structured information from TourCMS. There are several handy preconfigured reports and a custom report builder in the "Reports" section of TourCMS.
An actual physical unit (room) in a Hotel (Room 1, Room 2 etc), once booked for a specific date it is unavailable for others to book. Can be used for a cabin on a boat/train or a camp site pitch.
A type of document format. RTF Templates can be used in TourCMS to generate letters or other documents to send to Customers, Suppliers or Agents. Documentation manual (Emails / Invoices)


Sales Ledger
The "Money" section of TourCMS, shows financial information such as payments due and received.
Sales Price
The amount that you want Customers to pay for a certain product, can have a Markup or currency conversion applied before the customer sees it.
Small Fish Big Ocean
An online community for small/niche operators and agents to discuss travel e-commerce. Visit
Staff user
Someone who has access to your TourCMS back office system. Each TourCMS account level includes a certain number of staff users.
Super User
Some tasks in TourCMS (e.g. deleting customers) are only available to Staff users who are given "Super User" permission, and then only when they click the "Super User" link inside TourCMS. This helps to avoid accidents!
The company (or possibly individual) providing the services for a product or service. You may choose to set up your own company as a supplier to yourself.


TourCMS can load taxes on your Cost prices and Sales prices, you can load prices with taxes included or have them added on top. Tax tutorial
Used in TourCMS for commonly sent communications such as invoices or payment requests. Download sample templates, Documentation manual (Emails / Invoices)
TourCMS also includes a powerful web templating engine that can be used to build individual pages or whole websites. Web design & development.
A tour is the basic building block for product entry. Every booking has to have at least one tour in the booking. TourCMS can be used to manage many kinds of date related products – for example a tour, a training course with a start and end date, event tickets etc. Examples in the Solution Library
It's important to know where your bookings come from, there are multiple ways to track booking origins using TourCMS, you can also using tracking and analytics in the online Booking Engine
Travel Agent
See Agent


See Staff User


A printable page that can be sent to customers when they book, includes details of their booking and a barcode that can be scanned by a device to confirm validity and check that customer in. More on Vouchers.
Looking for discount vouchers? See "Promo code"


Website Channel
See Channel
Whole Chalet Room
A special type of Room which can only be booked for a particular date if no other Rooms have been booked already. Similarly once the Whole Chalet Room has been booked for a particular date, all other Rooms will be made unavailable. Useful for Villa/Chalet rentals.
A piece of functionality such as a list of Tours which can be easily added to a Partner website without any technical work, always shows the latest product information without needing to manually update. More on Widgets

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