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TourCMS is web based software.
Generally the servers themselves are fast hence if there are speed issues the chances are that it relates to your Internet connection, your browser or other general Internet issues.

1How fast is your bandwidth that you buy from your Internet service provider?
BandwidthTest [UK] - we achieve about 5000 Kbps (5 meg) on a basic, low cost, business internet connection supplied by BT in the UK
2How many users do you have in your office?
If you have more than 4 using TourCMS at the same time you probably need to invest in a better Internet connection if you are using a residential style connection
3Browser choice
We support a number of different web browsers but perhaps the fastest is Google Chrome
4What other uses are you using your Internet connection for at the same time?
One of the largest offenders is Internet radio. These can gobble up all your bandwidth making your web browsing experience very slow

If you would like to report your own experiences regarding TourCMS speed please do contact us. When informing us of speed issues please indicate what the results of the Bandwidth Test (above) are, what browser you are using and how many people you have in your office.